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What We Do

Consistent action: the key to effectively promoting progressive policies

By standing Indivisible, we influence our Members of Congress in specific ways, such as:

  • Visiting District Offices.  We meet with the staff of Senators Murray and Cantwell, as well as Representatives Larsen and DelBene to share issues and let them know we are concerned and active.​​

  • Making Phone Calls.  We make sure our voices are heard by making phone calls, sometimes multiple calls on an important issue.



  • Attending Town Halls. Our senators and representatives regularly hold public in-district events to show that they are listening to constituents. We make sure our voices are heard by attending these events.

  • Attending Other Local Events.  We support other political action groups and attend marches and protests, especially those where our Senators and Representatives will be in attendance.



We also work locally by supporting and influencing the election of state legislative officials who support our progressive values.  In addition, we work to support the passage of progressive legislation in our state.  We do this by:

  • Endorsing local and statewide political candidates and supporting our endorsed candidates by doorbelling, sign waving, letter writing and post-carding in support of local candidates.

  • Calling or writing our senators and representatives in support of specific pieces of legislation in the current legislative session.

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